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EO Artas Trikalwn 19, 47045 Vourgareli GR

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Villa Sophia Tzoumerka

A genuine welcome to the tradition and the beauties of the mainland! Built in the beautiful and picturesque village of Vourgareli in Tzoumerka, Villa Sophia Boutique Hotel invites you to an ultimate holiday experience in Greece!

Villa Sophia Boutique Hotel provides the maximum degree of relaxation and tranquility to its guests, making it an ideal choice for couples and families looking for a peaceful holiday in nature combined with luxurious amenities and high quality accommodation services in Tzoumerka.

Harmonious interiors in earthy colors, stone facades and traditional architecture create a warm and welcoming environment that helps you escape from everyday life and enjoy a quiet and luxurious vacation.

With a name that has left a long history since 1973, the new owner of the Mansion decided to keep it and invites you to live the unique experience of the now renovated Villa Sophia Boutique Hotel writing together in a place so rich, so authentic, truly unique !


The owner of Villa Sophia Boutique Hotel, having as a priority the privacy and relaxation of all his guests, works hard to offer you all the comforts and facilities that will make your holiday in Tzoumerka truly special! Indulge in the care of Villa Sophia Boutique Hotel, in the personalized service of its friendly staff and enjoy the magic of every season in Tzoumerka. Start your day with the experience of a delicious traditional Epirus breakfast and complete it with the choice of Bed & Bath® pillow of your dreams! Just sit back, relax, enjoy the wonderful views, and leave everything at Villa Sophia Boutique Hotel. After all, what we love most is to make your every moment an unforgettable experience and a precious memory!

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"Traditional rich breakfast! Willing and helpful staff! Comfortable and big bed! Everything was great!" *****

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Welcome to the Beautiful Tzoumerka!
What you can not approach, easily becomes lust. That he is isolated from the modern way of life begets a mystery. Where people treat you with kindness, it reminds you of something from ancient Greece.
These are the Tzoumerka or Athamanic terms. Virgin and relatively unexplored. They rise proudly between the rivers Arachthos and Acheloos and coexist harmoniously with the rich vegetation and the wet element. One of the remaining "paradises" on earth, with amazing natural beauties. Peaks that reach up to an altitude of 2,429 meters, gorges, ravines, rich forests, rivers, waterfalls, wild and inaccessible mountains, a genuine tradition that reaches today with the customs and traditions of villages such as Agnanta, Athamanio, Vourgareli, the Kalarrytes, the Melissourgoi, the Pramanta, with archaeological wealth lost in the years of ancient Athamania, with countless religious monuments from the end of the 13th century. Works and days of the people who gave entity in the villages, beyond there, in sheepfolds and watermills, in water mills and plows. Also, a diffuse household and nobility and of course a tourist infrastructure that now satisfies even the most demanding visitor without altering the natural environment. As for their name, it is said to be of Vlach origin as "Tzoum" in Vlach, means steep peak. Their inhabitants are genuine, simple people, without hasty smiles, polite. Nature lovers, craftsmen, people who feel the mountain as their yard, plunge into forests and rivers, gather wood and stones and build their house with their hands, see herbs and think what tincture to make with them and when it falls into their hands no tree trunk, turn it into a thick stool or slip. These people compose the heritage of Tzoumerka, enjoy their hospitality, indulge in the colors and aromas of nature, enjoy the sunrise from the peaks of Tzoumerka.
Live a different experience, live in nature!